flOP (originally published on Behance and Archello) is my graduation project at MSAIAA Stroganov as part of the Furniture Design Department of Interior Design Faculty where I earned my Specialist Degree.

Graduation Exhibition “LOVE.WORK.HOME”. 2014, Moscow, Russia

Supervisors: Cheburashkina E.A, Cheburashkin K.N.

The main area of my research today is in the communication between people regarding furniture & interior design which deepens with the information from computer-generated images and interactive digital prototypes. Today we have the tools which provide us with an opportunity to explore a virtual interior space before we build a real one.

I exercise this as my design approach.

“A NEW APPROACH TO INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECTS” is my Thesis as part of the Professional Design Practice where I earned my Master of Arts Degree with Distinction

2019, University of Portsmouth, UK

Supervisor: Dr Antonino Di Raimo

Click the button below to view an interior on your desktop or via Head-Mounted Virtual Reality Device


by Elena Gleeson, 2019

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